Northumberland Holiday

Adventure sums up what Northumberland is all about. From the moment you arrive, a Northumberland holiday will be an exciting adventure with amazing attractions. Beautiful natural surroundings, a World Heritage site, National park, Roman ruins, Norman Castles, Trout fishing in the Tweed, unspoilt miles of golden beaches, mysterious holy island, wildlife sanctuaries, bird watching, riding across the heather covered hills, diving in crystal clear waters with clouds of ghost like jellyfish, sailing into harbours of candy coloured houses, and other fantastic outdoor activities.

As a Border county, it is steeped in History and tradition, lying as it does on the frontier between England and Scotland. For many centuries this boundary between England and Scotland has been disputed, and the triumphs of the awesome battles between the great nations are marked to this day on the landscape.

One of the most astounding things about Northumberland is the fact that in practically every town you will find a castle. Some bigger and more important than others, like Bamburgh Castle, the ancient seat of the Northumbrian kings, or Alnwick Castle, the seat of the Percy family, Dukes of Northumberland.

Some are small and perfectly formed, like the iconic shape of Lindisfane Castle rising out of the harr in the clear morning light. Northumberland is the 'cradle of Christianity' in England. These wild and romantic shores have seen invaders from many distant lands, but it was on the holy island of Lindisfarne that monks brought Christianity to a pagan England, and conquered, where other mighty warriors had failed before them.

It is a county of contrasts and great beauty. From her gleaming golden shores to the purple heather of her hills, the district has a love affair with nature. A Northumberland hotel is, like the county its self, absolutely stunning. Charming country cottages, delightful self-catering, caravan and camping sites with breath-taking views, the warmest welcomes in bed and breakfast and guest houses, and hotels where you can stay in castles, palaces and country houses that are the epitome of elegance and gracious living.

For a taste of shopping and gourmet heaven you will find specialist shops selling hand crafted luxury items and local specialities. Local produce is the freshest and finest there is, with the world famous Tweed trout, and Craster kippers to name but two. Traditional food in pubs and restaurants that will make your mouth water. Seeing is believing, and you'll certainly see the world with new eyes, refreshed and rejuvenated, after an adventure packed Northumberland holiday.